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I am Anna! I live in Edsåsdalen, a little village outside Åre, together with my (Scottish) husband, two children and dog. I was living in Scotland (hence why my website is dual language, I actually still mainly think in English!) working at a university when my husband and I decided to move into a campervan for a year. My husband gave me a camera and told me to start capturing our everyday. 
That was it. I fell in love with photography; with capturing the tiny details, the love, the laughter, the happiness. But also, the more solemn times, the hardships, the sadness. I firmly believe that everything is better conserved for the future. And now I would love to do the same for you! The only photos you regret are the ones you did not take…. 
What is it you want to capture? The freshness of a newborn in the home? A family moment? Grandparents and their grandchildren? Your pregnant belly? Just a snapshot of your holidays? Your imagination is the only thing that stops us. My pricing is very simple, you basically just pay for how long you want me to hang around and snap photos, and you will receive a full inclusive digital album (the number of photos obviously varies depending on the time we spend together). 
Du bokar genom att skicka ett mail till mig, eller fylla i formuläret här nedan och så tar vi det därifrån. När du bokat kommer du få en prep-guide som går igenom vad du behöver veta och möjligen funderar över. Du kommer även få en mer ingående prislista
anna@acfotografi.com // 0705465467 // Edsåsdalen
Ps. This here is me pregnant with our second child. I had big plans for my self-portrait photoshoot. Unfortunately, the little man inside also had big plans to see the world and arrived a month or so early. This is therefore one of the few photos I have of me pregnant, and I really cherish it. With that said, do not hesitate to book a session! 
Vad kul att du är intresserad! Jag hör av mig så snart jag kan!
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